It has been brought to our attention that certain individuals are posing as Denali recruiters or employees in order to fraudulently recruit job seekers for unrelated malicious purposes. They may claim to offer Denali employment opportunities to candidates in order to steal money, personal information, or financial information. These communications will often include official-looking materials utilizing the Denali name, logo, and branding, or a domain or website that closely resembles ours.

Please be vigilant when engaging with recruiters, particularly those that contacted you unsolicited. Below are some tips for identifying recruitment fraud:

  • All legitimate Denali postings will be listed on our website:
  • Denali will only contact you through Denali email or LinkedIn. Denali does not use chat or messaging apps to communicate with candidates. 
  • All legitimate Denali e-mails originate from the domain We do not use free email addresses such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or Gmail. 
  • Denali will never ask you for your personal financial or banking information or require any financial commitment as part of the application or search process. 
  • Denali will not ask you to provide a passport, driver's license, work visa, credit report, or other sensitive document during the recruitment process. 
  • Denali will never ask you to purchase your own equipment as part of your onboarding. 
  • Denali will not offer you a job prior to your participation in the formal interview process which entails interviewing with the Hiring Manager, extended members of the team and reference checks.

If you believe you have been fraudulently recruited by someone posing as a Denali recruiter or employee, please alert us on our Contact Form: We also recommend notifying local law enforcement authorities as well as the company (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) whose domain the scammer is using.